The last in a series of 3 exercises to make you comfortable with using the shift keys!

Remember to use the shift key on the opposite side of the keyboard from the letter you are typing.

When you release the shift key, make sure you return your pinky finger to its key in the home row, or your fingers will feel lost in space!

When you can do this quickly and comfortably, head back to the The Shift Keys Lesson and do the exercise at the bottom!

Ghh Ghh Ghh Ghh Hgg Hgg Hgg Hgg Fjj Fjj Fjj Fjj Jff Jff Jff Jff Dkk Dkk Dkk Dkk Kdd Kdd Kdd Kdd Sll Sll Sll Sll Lss Lss Lss Lss A;; A;; A;; A;; :aa :aa :aa :aa

If the above exercise isn't working for you, please click here.

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