The quotation marks and the apostrophe sit on the same key, which is pressed by the right-hand pinky finger in an extended position.

Consider this a gentle introduction to extending your right hand pinky finger to reach non-alphanumeric characters. As you can see, there is an awful lot of responsibility for such a little finger!

And with this, you have pretty much polished off the home row!

For some variety and supplementary practice, here are some other things I created that you can do before and/or after this lesson's exercise. They link back here when you're done; give them a try!!!

Here is your exercise . . . read those Principles for Effective Learning before you begin!!

a; ada "dadda" all's Allah's "sad" ask; galah "jag;" alas: 'ala Jaffas al: slash kasha ah "sash" Jaffa's 'gaff la "flash" lsd shad "gag" "hag;" 'sla hah flask SAA "adds" "salad"

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