Your typing skills are growing up, and so now it's time to begin leaving the home row! In this lesson you will learn to type an additional key with each of the left-hand pinky, ring and middle fingers (Q, W and E respectively), and two with the index finger (R & T).

When you move a finger from the home row to another one, try to keep as many of your other fingers in contact with or as close to their home keys as possible. In other words, try to stretch your finger over to where it needs to go, without upsetting the other fingers too much. Many times however, this will not be possible, and so it is perfectly ok to move your whole hand a little bit. The most important thing is that your hands remain relaxed and comfortable at all times.

This is an especially good time to remind yourself of the Principles for Effective Learning. Here is your exercise:

qerw qert wteq EtWq eqwt RtQE we Rwe rEwQ TwqE qre QWT rEQT wtqr et Etr Wet Wqt E Req r RtWq t Wqe Qtw ewqr RwTe Ret trQW T wrtq erwt Rqtw RWeq Wetr Ewr Qtr Twr eqtr QET eTQR

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