Well if you've made it this far (and have been honest about your progress!), give yourself a great big pat on the back! You now have under your command all of the letters and some basic punctuation, which will probably get you through a good 90% or so of your typing needs. If you keep good form and do not let yourself make mistakes, you won't be able to help but get faster and faster with time.

This lesson is a chance for you to take a pause from new learning, and consolidate that which you have already learned. Rather than giving you individual words to learn, I thought it'd be nice for you to hone your skills with real sentences from real sources, of your choosing!

Since you're using this course, you're obviously on the Internet, and thus you have pretty much the entire world in text-format at your disposal! So, go out there on the Web, and copy some text to practise your typing with. You can go to your favourite news site, or a poem site, or copy the weather report, or your friend's last email, or ANTHING! When you return, simply paste the text you've copied into the below box and hit the button!

Here are some links if you're short on ideas:

If you've returned, paste your stuff in the box below! Note that anything beyond 500 characters will be truncated, and all line breaks will be removed. When you finish your exercise, you will see approximately how fast you are typing, measured in words per minute (WPM).

After you've done this successfully this a few times, try the Most Common Words Typing Exercise. After that, poke around the Typing Practice area of this site and enjoy your hard-earned skills so far!

Also check out musical typing & speed typing exercises for this lesson:

So here we go: Paste some stuff in the box below & hit the green button to create the exercise, or if you like, click here for some random words.

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