Here are some of the key things to keep in mind with respect to typing posture and hand position:

  • keep the backs of your hands parallel to the keyboard.
  • have your arms oriented so that you are able to keep your index, middle and ring fingers on their home keys (see Lesson 1), and have both pinky fingers reach the shift keys without bending your wrist sideways.
  • sit up as straight as possible (within reason!).
  • have the top of the monitor at eye level.
  • hands should be slightly lower than elbows (keeps the blood flowing to the hands!).
  • keep your wrists straight, so that the tendons in your wrist are unencumbered through the carpal tunnel.
  • take frequent breaks! get up and walk around, or sit under a tree or something.

And finally, before you begin the course proper, read this short overview of Which Fingers Go Where to get a sense of where this is all going . . .

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