Here we will consolidate your knowledge of the bottom row by combining the material from the last two lessons.

Unfortunately it's going to seem like you're typing in Klingon, since there are no vowels to be found the bottom row.

Don't worry about those angled brackets above the comma and period; we'll get to those a wee bit later in the brackets lesson.

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Mxcb XXX cbzm zx Xbxn Mxzm nxmz, Mxnx, Nz, ?...? bb,, Cb zz, bc, ZZZ BB /./ nn?? zzxx cccc VB BXM MxMx CC zZ nxcb Xc mn Bc Zz xv Xbnx, zmzm CN, Mc Bbxn cc,, Cvvc Bbzm xb Cc Vm,

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