This is one of the most important lessons in the course. Learning to use the shift keys without losing your home row orientation is one of the most important, and difficult skills you have to acquire in order to become a competent typist.

The shift key is pressed by the pinky finger on the hand opposite to the one hitting the key.

When you go to press a shift key, you may have to move your hand slightly to reach it, but try to get there mainly by stretching your pinky finger, allowing your remaining fingers to keep as much contact with the home row as possible. Try not to rotate or bend your wrists, as this will throw your home row orientation off and cause you to lose your grounding.

This lesson also introduces the colon, which, like the semi-colon is pressed with the right-hand pinky finger, while holding the left shift key down.

Taking the time to quickly read the Principles for Effective Learning before you begin is ALWAYS time well spent!

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