To graduate, you have to prove that you can type a longer passage at approximately 40 words per minute, with no more than one error.

This typing test is comprised of random sentences from Treasure Island, with some character substutions here and there to fully test your keyboard skills.

This excerpt will be a little longer than you are accustomed to, so make sure you are alert and ready to focus before starting.

Good luck, and you may begin when ready.

But, you mark, I stand by you through thick & thin. Kill me, if you please, or spare me. Hand it over, lubber~ But haste was all in vain. "Look, Jim, how my fingers fidges," he continued in the pleading tone. "Well?" says Captain Smollett as cool as can be. And he began to laugh again, & that so heartily, that though I did not see the joke as he did, I was again obliged to join him in his mirth. "Why, by the powers," cried Long John, "if we do, we'll miss the morning tide!"

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