To graduate, you have to prove that you can type a longer passage at approximately 40 words per minute, with no more than one error.

This typing test is comprised of random sentences from Treasure Island, with some character substutions here and there to fully test your keyboard skills.

This excerpt will be a little longer than you are accustomed to, so make sure you are alert and ready to focus before starting.

Good luck, and you may begin when ready.

Ah! By gum, if you could understand how bad it's bungled, you would see! Add to that the powder, pork, & bread-bags. "Look astern, doctor," replied the captain. The fog had now buried all heaven. The doctor opened the seals with great care, & there fell out the map of an island (with latitude & longitude, soundings, names of hills & bays & inlets, & every particular) that would be needed to bring a ship to a safe anchorage upon its shores*.

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