And here are the last 5 letters on the keyboard for you to learn: Z for the pinky, X for the ring, C for the middle and the index takes care of both V and B.

B is actually a hard one. Notice how much farther your left-hand finger has to stretch to reach B from its position in the home row (on F) than your right-hand index finger has to reach for its bottom row extended character, N, from its home row position (on J). Just knowing this will help to reduce errors, but don't be surprised if you get tripped up on the B early on.

By now you probably have them memorized, but here are the Principles for Effective Learning anyways! Make sure you have them in mind before doing any typing!

cxx ZV vvv zxbv Z CB vvc zx xxz xV vz zz xcc xz xz bcvz bvvbvv xb Vvvvv VZ cvcvc vbxz vcbz CBC cxcx x bv zcbx bzcv XZ bzvx zx zbxv cv ccz vcc cv zcvb vx bvxz xc bbc vc bzxc bxzc

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