And now you graduate to . . . the bottom row! Congratulations!

Here you'll be tapping on 5 more keys with your right-hand fingers: N & M for the right-hand index finger, the comma for the middle, the period for the ring, and the forward slash for the pinky. The pinky will also handle the question mark, which is on the same key as the slash, but with the shift key.

So, to recap, only two letters for the right hand in the bottom row: M & N (both pressed by the index finger), all other bottom row letters are under the left hand. It helps to remember that when you're trying to learn where things are!

You may find now that you fingers are moving around a lot more that you might start missing keys you have previously mastered. Don't be discouraged! This is perfectly normal as you expand the physical area you type in, and involve your wrists and forearms more in your typing movements. If you persist and are careful to go slow enough to avoid excess mistakes, you will quickly become very adept at this. None of your previous work is ever for naught!

new! Try the new Speed Typing and Musical Typing versions of the bottom row, right hand exercise!

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n/. n,N NM Mn/ /mM mmNN Mm, ?,M ,.? Mnm ,N N/m .MN /N? MN n.? ?mn /N, N/. .nN Mn .?M .M, NmM ?n. Mm MnN ., mn M?N m/n Mn. /N. M/. M?. MN. nNM /.m ,Nn ?N, MMmm ?M, M.n /.? n?/

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