It's time to extend your reach, literally and figuratively, with the numbers row. Reaching this row requires a much larger stretch than any of the letters, but if you've been doing the exercises regularly to warm up your fingers won't have any trouble.

It is easy to remember where they are and the proper fingers to use, because it is simply like counting on your fingers, in reverse! It goes from 1 to 0 (think of "0" as "10" for this!), starting the count with the left-hand pinky finger, ending with the right-hand pinky finger. Instead of counting the thumbs use the index fingers for two numbers. Easy-peasy!

Before embarking on the exercise, and each new day you do this lesson, first run the exercise Do You Have My Number?. This will help you develop a kinesthetic memory for where the number key are in relation to the home row.

I've included two extra keys you've already learned in the lessonexercises, the comma and the period, since they are a part of the number system.

Remember to keep the hand that is not typing resting on the home row. Do not try to cheat by keeping both hands resting on the numbers row.

As always, keep in mind those Principles for Effective Learning!

5,415 5 352 5,145 52,221 41,515 4.11 212 1,311 2,442 22,144 153 14,255 1,131 55 35 5,125 434 45 44 51,131 5,235 554 22,532 143 2.1 45,253 535 5.2431 34,324 .1 1,541 21 1.5 5.321

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