This little exercise helps you get used to jumping from the home row all the way up to the keys in the numbers row.

Try to see the overarching pattern at work; it's quite simple and logical.

Feel the triplet rhythm as you type! Keep doing it until everything feels secure and easy, and you are able to visualize where the number keys are without looking at the keyboard.

When you've really got this down, go back and do the Numbers Row Left: 12345 and Numbers Row Right: 67890 lessons.

For more practice with the numbers row, try some stuff in the Math Typing section of the Typing Practice area!

a1 s2 d3 f4 g5 h6 j7 k8 l9 ;0 a1 s2 d3 f4 g5 h6 j7 k8 l9 ;0 a1 ;0 s2 l9 d3 k8 f4 j7 g5 h6 a1 ;0 s2 l9 d3 k8 f4 j7 g5 h6

If the above exercise isn't working for you, please click here.

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