The Finger Upper-Downer

Train your fingers to develop a muscular memory for how the keys are aligned vertically on the keyboard.

Up & Down Home Hopper

Reinforce the home row connection to the rest of the keyboard, by developing your sense of how keys from other rows relate to it.

Up & Down Homeless Hopper

Take your keyboard sense to the next level by systematically hopping around without the grounding of the home row.

The Forefinger Hand-Off

Learn to effortlessly cross the great left-hand, right-hand divide on the keyboard. Exercise your corpus callosum at the same time!

The Big Zig

Develop your tactile sense of the keyboard, as Zorro might have done!

Do You Have My Number?

Train your fingers to access the numbers row with ease, all to a cool triplet rhythm!

Math Key Pinky Buster

Is your pinky finger getting lost on the way from the home row to the math keys? No longer, after doing this exercise!

The Most Common Words

Supercharge your practical typing skills by getting blazingly fast at these words that you'll encounter over & over again!

The Shift Key Shuffle

Tame the shift key with this set of three exercises designed to make using the shift keys feel natural and second nature!

Make Your Own Exercise!

Craft your own bespoken keyboarding exercise. Practice typing with your science homework, the news, the love letters in your mailbox or anything you like!

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