Well, this is it. By now, if you have truly mastered each lesson before moving onto the next, you are now almost certainly a competent typist, fluent with all the keys that really matter. You will know all the letters, all the numbers, and common symbols inside-out.

All there is left to learn are just a few of the obscure symbols and function-related keys, such as the tab key, caps lock, control, option, etc. These keys tend to be in different places on different keyboards, which is the main reason why they are not included here. You will now however find they extremely easy to add to your repertoire, especially since most of them are large keys, and easy targets! As for what fingers to use, trust your own logic and intuition. If you find a "fingering" isn't working well for you, switch it to another and assess which is best.

Your typing goals from here on: to be able to type as fast as you can talk, and ultimately, to type as fast as you can think! A hint: to achieve either of these milestones you will be have to be able to type without consciously thinking about the mechanics of the typing process. It will happen with practice (check out the new typing practice section!), time, and lots of good night's sleeps! Keep hanging in there!

I truly hope this course has been effective for you, and has given you valuable skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. I highly encourage you to revisit here from time to time to polish up your skills, and to see how much faster you can type the various exercises!

All the very best,

Peter Hudson

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