Improve your keyboarding rhythm & increase your typing speed!

These are simpler, more repetitious exercises that help you to develop typing speed and confidence. If this is your first time here, please read the instructions and overview before you begin!

Play the WPM metronome at an attainable typing speed for a few beats, and then try to type to that rhythm for the whole exercise:

Words per minute (WPM)

Press the orange button to begin. Remember, always read ahead of where you are currently typing. And stay relaxed at all times!

When you feel you’re typing as fast as possible with rhythm and control, return to Lesson 4: Home Row, Extended Index Fingers!

j j h h jjhh jhh jh aaa ggg agag agag gggg aaaa ggaa ggaa ;;;; gggg ;;gg ;;gg hhhh ;;;; hh;; hh;; ggg sss gsgs gsgs haaa haaa ahhh ahhh ddd hhh dhdh dhdh hfff hfff fhhh fhhh d d h h ddhh dhh dh dd hh dd hh dh dh dh

Please click here if the above exercise isn't working for you.

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