Learn to type with music!

Music typing teaches you to type to an even rhythm and focus on other things while you type. Typing to an even rhythm allows you to scan ahead at a constant speed, so you're always in control and ready for what's coming, allowing your typing to flow without interruption.

This exercise features Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, everybody's favourite interstellar serenade!

Press the play button to hear what this tune sounds like at the optimal WPM. But don't rush it; work the typing speed up gradually! All musical arrangements are copyright, Peter Hudson.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
words per minute (WPM)

As you perform the exercise, notice if it takes you extra time to get to certain keys . . . If so, fix it for next time!

Other home row exercises:

Press the orange button to begin, and try to type evenly so the music sounds natural and fluid. Let go & trust your typing skills!

When you've got this down, return to Lesson 2: Home Row, Right Hand!

jkjk lkl ; l jkl; l; k;k j;l kkjj k l j ; kjk lkl ; l j k jj kk ;; ll j;j; lkl jjll kk;; jlk; jkl

Please click here if the above exercise isn't working for you.

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