Here is a chance for you to practice your typing of infectious diseases.

Every time you visit this page you will get a new exercise. As with the lessons, the Principles for Effective Learning apply here as you strive to increase your keyboarding skills. If you find your typing needs attention in a specific area, please visit the typing lessons section and find the lesson that best suit you needs!

If you haven't used these exercises before, here are the Instructions for Use, otherwise take a deep breath and click the button to get started!

Afterwards if you want some more practice with your medical typing, try these practice exercises as well:

rubella virus histoplasma capsulatum cysticercosis tetanus black piedra escherichia coli malaria legionellosis human herpesvirus 6 leishmania species burkholderia pseudomallei lymphatic filariasis tinea pedis pediculosis corporis neonatal conjunctivitis junin virus legionella pneumophila variola minor paracoccidioides brasiliensis Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus marburg virus isosporiasis giardiasis

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